About Drive247 Blackburn

Established in 2005, Drive247 Blackburn has helped 1000s of pupils pass their driving test first time. From one man and his car, the brand has merged into many other cities/towns through serving people well/recommendations. Where many companies spend money on massive marketing campaigns, we differ and believe if you serve people well over a long period of time it will get recognised. Because we don’t have to spend ££££s on advertising and overheads we can then pass this savings on to our customers and still profit more than many large establishments.

Business is easy if you serve people well and that’s how we roll at Drive247.

Start your driving lessons today and get the following:

  • When you start your driving lessons in Blackburn with us you will receive a copy of our famous driving manual (worth £19.99)

  • Free online test route videos to help you learn the areas/test routes quicker (priceless)
  • Free theory training (worth £14.99)
  • Regular feedback and progress updates using our popular progress report cards
  • Pick up/drop off at different locations for lessons
  • Genuine/honest instructor that will help you pass as quickly and safely as possible

Our pass rates over the last 3 months

May 2022 - 90%
June 2022 - 94%
July 2022 - 93%
Average - 92%
* Data from the last 3 months